Something is happening at the hall.

Above, our Builder, Murray Pearson (on left) with the re-stumper Mick Bielby kneeling. Murray is from Maleny, has met the expectations of the Management Committee, and shown himself to be equal to the problems encountered so far with this unique project. Mick Bielby has some association with the hall renovation having – as a result of enquiries from various hall management committees from 1995 onward – made many quotes for re-stumping of the hall, to each of which he responded with good grace.

In spite of wet weather and very boggy conditions under the hall (in some parts puddles), at times requiring the use of a pump to drain dug holes, Mick Bielby and assistant, using minimal tools and manual labour, is presently replacing the stumps under the interior of the hall with height adjustable steel footings set in concrete 900 mm into the ground. Due to the high clay content in the soil under the hall, vertical movement of the footings may result requiring the use of the height adjusters to maintain a level floor. Hardwood external stumps will be used for the external footings where possible.

The contracted price for the re- stumping is $35,500.00, and completion is expected in the second week in January, with the hall renovation planned to start immediately after.

With the Building contractors requiring water and power, the Management Committee has fitted a temporary 1000 litre water tank and had the electricity re-connected to the hall.

The grass at the hall property is being maintained by the Management Committee by allowing periodic grazing using Jock Johnson’s cattle, and scotch thistle  eradicated using roundup.

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