Ready for the anticipated rain.


Working on the roof, with various rafters and batterns replaced.

Along the ridge line

Front barge board end detail, the underside of the eaves which will be lined with decking boards.

The existing roof, 99 years old and surprisingly still mostly waterproof.

Discarded front cladding.


Found in my garden, probably a baby Giant Stinger tree – dendrocnide excelsa – which can grow to 40 m tall into a typical buttressed soft wood rain forest tree, its mullberry like fruits are eaten and then spread by birds.

Gympie Gympie – Dendrocnide moroides – grows to 2 m tall and has a much more severe sting, could grow also in this area.

This one came up in a plant container and as I found out, even at this size it can sting.

Distinctive spikes

A 1.5 m specimen. The eaten patches on the leaves are a typical identification indicator for this tree.

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