The construction stages of the renovation have been completed with all engineering inspection certificates approved by EBIS. The final approval of the renovation will be completed by a Sunshine Coast Regional Council certifier. The certifier has visited the hall  and has found some areas relating to fire safety and the disabled where we do not meet the complex Australian Standards. The builder is working with the certifier to meet the requirements.

Currently the electricial and plumbing contractors are completing their installations, while the volunteer painters continue in their efforts to paint the hall inside and out.

Two 22,000.00 litre water tanks and pressure pump have been fitted.

To reduce costs, the water tanks have been placed on a crusher dust pad instead of a concrete pad as origionally intended.

Gas hot water system and  fittings for gas bottles.

The  white sheeting behind the hot water system is a temporary heat shield for the wood cladding, it will be replaced with a permanent heat shield.

Hand basins now in each toilet.

Pedestals as well, this is the pedestal in the disabled toilet,  designed for the disabled, a different style to the other toilet pedestals.

The layout of the disabled toilet was changed from our origional design.The council certifier did not approve our design for a centrally located pedestal with folding grab rails, preferring this corner location typical of most other disabled toilets. A grab rail for the disabled will be fitted on the wall behind the toilet.

Fire safety, an illuminated emergency exit sign above the external kitchen door. All external doors will have these electrically powered signs.

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  1. Doug Ison says:

    Is the hall available for hire and how much is it?

    • kidobi says:

      Hi Doug
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Yes, the hall will be available for hire from 1st January 2012
      I have added a page to the blog which sets out our hire charges. The page section is located on the right side of the blog main page.
      Phone me on 0754469154 if you need further help.

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