Due to a delay in the completion of the hall renovation because of certification problems, the Management Committee has decided to postpone our AGM from the advertised date of 14th, June 2012 to 3.00 pm on Saturday, June 30th at Obi Obi Hall.

Associations when incorporating usually adopt a general set of Model Rules drawn up by The Office of Fair Trading Qld and then modify them to suit each Association’s particular needs. Fair Trading allows an Association to hold an AGM within six months of close of their financial year. Our Model Rules state that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within three months of the close of the financial year. Our financial year starts and ends on the 31st of December in each year. The Management Committee has notified Fair Trading that, our Association, in order to hold our AGM in our own hall following the completion of the hall renovation, intends to delay our AGM past the three-month time limit.

By allowing the maximum time available to hold the AGM, the Management Committee hopes to provide enough time to satisfy the Council’s Certifier and gain Council approval.

Holding the AGM in the afternoon will circumvent the problem of being unable to use the hall due to an incomplete renovation, allowing the meeting to be held either inside or outside the hall. Our insurer does not provide public liability cover for use of the hall until the building has Council building approval.

The process of deciding the the date of this AGM was complicated by the changing renovation completion date and one Model Rule requirement; that the AGM date be advertised one month before the meeting date, . To comply the Management Committee has to notify the Mary Valley Voice  two and a half weeks prior. making a total of six and one half weeks lead time before the date of the AGM.

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