The Management and Building Committees are presently considering the complications of the Australian Standard requirements for the ramp and its height relationship to the parking pad, the kitchen stairs, ground level and water drainage as well as fitting the hand rails and kerbs in there somewhere and may well do so for some time.



To the left on the floor, prepared VJ pine lining boards to complete the existing VJ pine internal lining around the stage. To the right, painted hardwood boards ready for fitting as kerbs on the disabled ramp (see post of May 23rd).

Both sides of the stage where the extra lining is required. Right, the main doorway and left, the kitchen door. The Management Committee sourced the VJ boards from North Coast Demolitions who gave a generous discount.

The electrician has re-installed the meter box in the front entry and activated some power points. The electric light fittings are being sourced by the Management Committee. The hall’s electric power point and light fitting layout in the hall itself, has been replaced with a design that is more comprehensive and practical.

We asked for a modification to the front steps (origionally built by Jock Johnson, whose farm surrounds the hall). Each step was at a different height which is not allowed under current building regulations. We got a destruction. Our nostalgic hopes to preserve the stairs were dashed when the different heights and widths proved too difficult.

More painting.

The kitchen sink ready for plumbing connection. More components from the donated shelving and cupboards will be added.

The disabled toilets grab rail. All the fittings have been placed in the precise positions required by the Australian Standards for disabled toilets.

Our bird repellent at the main entrance. The swallows have tried to reclaim the hall

Also rear protection.

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