Our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) will be held at 3.00 pm on Saturday, June 30th at Obi Obi Hall.


After taking  ground levels across the property at the rear of the hall, it was decided that the ramp would have to be extended, which will make the bottom of the ramp and the disabled car parking area be at the same level as the external kitchen bottom step, while still allowing water drainage away from the parking area. The floor of the ramp extension will be done in concrete with extended wooden balustrade.  The plan below has been approved by our Council Certifier.


After an on site hand rail consultation between the Management Committee, the Council Certifier, a steel fabricator and Builder Murray Peterson, it was found that the narrower width of the top section of the ramp beside the toilet wall determined the position of the hand rails.

Australian Standards state that there must be a hand rail on each side of a ramp at the same minimum height of 835 mm, have a minimum gap of 1000 mm between the hand rails and  to run continuously from top to bottom.  To maintain this 1000 mm spacing the hand rail has to be placed on top of the balustrade.

The galvanized pipe is of the correct diameter and in it’s approximate  position on top of the balustrade.

There are Australian Standards for the pipe diameter, the gap between the pipe and the balustrade, the fixing of the pipe to the balustrade, and for the way the pipe ends – 300 mm past the end of the ramp with a curved section, see the blog entry of  May 23rd. The particular standards for the position of the hand rails required individual designs for the hand rail at each corner of the ramp. Eventually a complete plan was formulated and in principle Certifier approval obtained. A hand rail design drawing will be drawn up and submitted to the Certifier for final approval.

At the rear of the hall property, our growing collection of  old roofing iron and cladding from  the hall

The pressure pump mounted on the concrete slab under the stage.

Water to the kitchen and toilets.

The kitchen sink is now connected to the waste system.

Angel Electronics of Maleny did the electricial installation.

The swallows enjoying the morning sun.

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