At their last Management Committee Meeting on 18.06.12, the Management Committee passed a motion to increase the annual  fee for membership in the Obi OBi and Kidaman Creek District Association Inc from $10.00 to $15.00.

OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 30.06.12  next Saturday at 3.00 pm.

The present Management Committee members have been nominated for election to their existing positions in the coming year, with the members indicating their willingness to continue.

No other nominations for the Management Committee have been received.


We are getting close to the last building inspection. The fitting of the balustrade and hand rail on the concreted extension to the disabled ramp should complete all the major work, with only the fitting of various small  fire, safety and disabled items then left.  But the hope of a completion in time for our AGM will not be realized, and the inspection by the Council Certifier may find more problems and bring more delay.

The nearly completed disabled parking area.

The last part of the disabled ramp with the balustrade to be continued down to the disabled car park area.

The ramp has been constructed to Australian Standards, which require a 1 in 14 fall on the sloping section and maximum ramp length sections of 9 meters followed by a flat landing with a minimum width of 1.2 meter to allow turning room. Tactile feedback pads have to be placed at the start and finish of the ramp.

Concrete access pad at the main stairs.

The main stairs will have hand rails on both sides, with tactile feedback pads  fitted at the top and bottom, plus bright markers at the front edge of each stair. These features will provide an aid for the visually impaired. The pad is wide for a reason, the Australian Standard considers the concrete pad to be part of the stairs, so, if the middle steps are 200 mm wide, therefore the bottom step is the first 200 mm wide section of the concrete pad.

The hand rail has to extend 300 mm past the end of the bottom step (200 mm wide), which means the hand rail will extend out into the pad 500 mm from the lowest wooden stair.

Drawing from Australian Standard AS 1428.1. TGSI – tactile ground surface indicator

Concrete progress on the front stairs, a hand rail while not compulsory will be provided

Filling in of  the wall lining on the right side the stage. That is not a horses head on the wall.


When the hall renovation is completed our public liability insurance will be extended to cover general use by the Association and the hall itself insured for damage. Inquiries with our present insurer  indicate that full cover could cost more that $4000.00 annually, while some uses may requiring extra cover. The Management Committee is making inquiries with other insurers.

Below is a section of an Entertainment Proposal form which requests information to allow the insurer to set an insurance premium for an event.


The hall has lights and power.

From the front without spot lights on.

From the rear with spot lights on.

Crash or panic bars on the main doors, with locks on all other doors.

If double doors are more than 820 mm wide, a panic bar is only required on one door. Our doors are 600 mm wide, so require two panic bars.

The faint glow seen inside the hall at night comes from the five emergency exit lights (each drawing 5 watts of electricity) which remain on at all times.

Above, looking from the stage.

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