The Obi Obi Hall.

Taken in 1913, with the entry on the opposite side of the foyer.

Photo courtesy of John Cutmore.

The Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade met with Councillor’s Jenny McKay and Greg Rodgerson and representatives from Sunshine Coast Regional Council at the Obi Obi Hall property to discuss the building of a fire shed for the Brigade. Council has completed a flood plain study for the hall area which will allow a preliminary building application to proceed.

The disabled ramp

Work on fabricating the hand rails has begun…. meet Pancho, metal fabricator.

His confident and cheerfull manner is helping to smooth the way through a complicated installation.

Pancho and Al fabricating.

Hand rail bend at the middle landing.

Main entry stairs.

Council requires a hand rail on the main stairs, the related Australian Standard requires the hand rail to project 560mm out from the bottom of the stairs.

In order to reduce the visual impact of the protruding hand rail, the Management Committee has decided to extend the balustrade to match.

See blog entry 25.06.12 for an explanation of the related Australian Standard.

Sketch of proposed extension to the main entry balustrade.


A member of Maleny Self Help Genealogy Group is looking for information relating to a Richard Spreadborough who may have lived in the Obi Obi around 1930.

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2 Responses to

  1. stephen kirby says:

    Spreadborough was as far as i know a sharefarmer on the property known as glen obi , later owned by jim and kathleen wilson and then by greg and hazel woods . I think that this property was owned by some of the hornibrook family who may also have owned the big sawmill in mapleton where the timber for the original hornibrook bridge to redcliffe was milled ..this information is reasonably accurate to my knowledge but i cannot vouch for its authenticity ..stephen kirby ph 07 54459715

    • kidobi says:

      Hi Stephen
      Thanks for the information, I will pass it on to the inquirer from a Maleny genealogy group.

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