About 200 people, a mix of  our local communities and visitors to the area, consisting of children, young, family and older people attended the event. It was good to hear ” How you going, haven’t seen you for a long time” or ” Where do you live” repeated around the gathering.



The fire was popular.


The BBQ stand supplied in a variety of combinations, cooked steak, bacon and sausage,  with onion and salad on bun or bread, with all ingredients  sourced locally. Soft drinks also available.

The placing of the BBQ stall in the car park adjacent to the kitchen giving closer kitchen access  made operating the stand easier .  The barbecue equipment (barbecue, tables and large esky) was supplied by The Blackall Range Rovers, and the marquee from Kenilworth SES. Both Associations have a policy of  allowing other community organisations to use their equipment at no cost.



Round midnight



The day after.

hall after party1a

Some patrons decided to party all night. Once again thanks to our neighbour J Johnson, we were allowed to use his adjoining paddock for parking.



These items were left at the hall. Two folding white plastic chairs, one red canvas folding chair, one blue and white eskie, one blue soft eskie bag, two plastic crates and one wood plank. The items are presently stored in the front door entry.


This fundraiser was organized by the Management Committee,  with the positions of gate attendants, BBQ cooks, kitchen supervisor and crowd control on the night; and the before and after jobs of publicity, catering, band coordination, lighting, mowing, parking area organization and hall and property cleaning carried out by the Management Committee  along with our core group of Association volunteers.


The Management Committee has approved four new memberships, consisting of  two Associate members, Sharon Wyhoon and Margaret Tonner and one Full member, Ray Passmore and a Special member, Paul Newsham.



MVV reopening event

Text by S Walker


From John Cutmore 01.11.12


Photo by J Cutmore

FOX AND SNAKE 001  AMAZING, the fox had obviously grabbed the snake by the head intending to make a meal of it.  The snake had then wrapped around the fox and strangled it.  The snake was still alive and we managed to prise
open the fox’s jaws and release it into the care of the local snake catcher.


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