GENERAL MEETING THURSDAY, 21.02.13 at the hall, 7.30pm.

At this meeting the Management Committee would like to discuss the hall’s 100th year birthday.

Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek hall

We have had our first hall hiring, an afternoon Tupperware Party.

The hall is now booked for two weddings and one meeting, with two birthday parties being negotiated.

The Blog’s pages section have been expanded to include information on hall hiring, hiring application forms, photos, and a calendar which shows booked events as “busy”.

The Management Committee has put in place a hall hiring policy which sets out guidelines for the hire fees charged, bond amount and any hire conditions depending on the type of event held.

The Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek hall is now on Facebook.


Mowing at the hall, now, currently a fortnightly event.



From Dennis Woodford

Recently on a rainy overcast morning, I came across the following snake.,I first thought that I had discovered a new snake breed, but it was a  green tree snake with a greatly distended  throat  trying to swallow a frog. It appeared to be using the ground to force the frog down it’s throat.  Sensing danger by my presence, the snake then disgorged the frog and quickly left.


First contact, frog going down.



Danger sighted



Time to leave


Frog coming out





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