A working bee will be held on Sunday, the 14 th April, at 9.00 am.

The aim of the working bee will be to complete the fence around the water tanks, connect a water tap to the front of the hall, and re-arrange the under stage storage area. There will be a wedding held at the hall on the following weekend, so a hall cleanup and mow of the grounds will have to be carried out

Tank fence plan

The vacant area beside the water tanks is reserved for a small shed for a mower and garden equipment.

tank fence plan


The result of the working Bee held on the 9.03.13.

1. A partially complete fence around the water tank area. Required to fulfill our Duty of Care responsibility by preventing accidental access to an area with potential safety problems.

2. The hall’s windows were serviced,  some were sticking with a couple requiring some force to open, and the internal window corners extensively populated by tiny spiders and their webs. Beeswax lubrication and a good clean has restored the operation and appearance.


The new fence


A top set of rails will be fitted at the next working bee.



100 mm hardwood square posts donated by Pam Engle.

120 x 50 hardwood rails donated by Rodney Heading.


Seven volunteers attended the working bee.


There was not enough labour available to attempt a clean up of the storage area under the stage. which has little room left to even  move around in.





The Department of Community Safety has lodged with Sunshine Coast Regional Counci (SCRC) a Development Application for a Fire Shed. Providing no delays are incurred with the process , a response is expected after another nine weeks, delays may result from local objections, Department of Transport and Main Roads and SCRC requirements.


Hire bookings

A birthday party was held at the hall on the 2nd of March, and  another birthday party to be held on the 4th of May .

A wedding will be held on the 20th of April and another wedding on the 20th of July.


The Development Application to SCRC.

Page 1. An aerial photo taken close to the end of the renovation

fire brigade dev app 1


Page 2. Leased area site plan.

fire brigade dev app 2


Page 3. Fire shed building details.

fire brigade dev app 3


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