A General Meeting will be held at the Obi Obi Hall on Thursday, the 15th of August at 7.30pm.


Where the Centenary planning will continue.


Message From the Hall Association

Fellow members, I have a couple of important matters to bring to your attention.

The first is that membership subscriptions were due at the time of the annual general meeting, on the 30th June.  We now have quite a lot of unfinancial members, both full members and associate members.

With the dream of so many years finally achieved, and the hall finished and available for our use, it would be a pity to let your support for this vital part of our community lapse. The subscription is $15 for full members and $10 for associate members.

Payment can be made directly to Pam Engle, our treasurer, or Dennis Woodford, our secretary; or posted as a cheque to PO Box 276  Mapleton 4560.  Payment can also be made by internet banking, best to contact Dennis first on 5446 9154 for details on that.

The second matter is the centenary of the hall, which we plan on celebrating on the 19th October. For this to be a success, we need the assistance of our members.  We need to know what you would like to happen on this day, and your help to carry it out successfully.

If we don’t know what you want, and don’t have your help to get there, you may well be muttering for the next twenty years about what a wasted opportunity the centenary was. Please help your management committee with this.

One thing we definitely need assistance with is the collection of oral histories from the older residents of the valley. We were very pleasantly surprised by the number of older past residents who turned up to celebrate the reopening of the hall, but were regrettably quite unprepared for it.

None of our older community members, either current or past residents, are getting any younger and the centenary would be a good opportunity for several members to sit down with them and record some reminiscences.  Another group whose stories we would like to gather is those who started changing the character of the area when they came here in the 1970’s.

We will be able to provide some training for this, and to provide the recorders; what we need is for some members to take this on.

The Sunshine Coast Community Library is enthusiastic about providing a permanent home for these reminiscences in their local history collection.  Please don’t let this opportunity to gather the vital stories of our community slip away, they are the lifeblood of our shared history. Give me a call on 5446 9208 or Dennis Woodford on 5446 9154.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Steve Walker

President, Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Inc.


“You Gotta Be Alive To Winge” by John Cutmore

The Association will be hosting John Cutmore’s book launch at the Obi Obi Hall, 1.30pm on Sunday the 25th of August 2013.


Roadworks on the Obi Obi Rd, down road



A TNRP Communications Officer | North Coast Region has provided information in response to a request to clarify differing theories regarding the nature of the work being done on the one way down hill section of the Obi Obio Rd.

Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Obi Obi Road project will restore the damaged section of road to its original condition and will involve stabilisation of the slopes, landslip repairs and reinstatement of guardrail. Precast planks will be anchored in place to restore the shoulders so that any future loss of fill on the slope will not result in a reduction of road width. Some minor vegetation clearing is being done on George Wyer Scenic Drive to ensure adequate visibility and safety while this road is being used as the detour route.

None of the three theories mentioned in your email about the slip repairs – a bridge across the slip area, blasting the rock face and asphalting of the down road – are correct. A bridge and asphalting would be considered an upgrade, which is outside the scope of this project and ineligible for funding through the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. The blasting of the rock face has considerable safety risks and was not considered a viable option for this project.  

Regarding the signage on the road verge just below the bottom end of the one way up and down sections of the Obi Obi Rd

With respect to the application for road closure at the bottom of the range (dwg13/072),  the “road closure” in this instance is making reference to an application being considered by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for an area of road reserve to become private property because a dwelling on an adjacent property encroaches into state-controlled land. This is not related to TMR’s reconstruction project.


Thanks to Lisa Shirly (TNRP Communications Officer | North Coast Region) for this information


Our second successful wedding



Products from the Obi at the recent Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show



The Association now has a ride-on mower.

Now we need a shed at the hall to house it.


One of our members organized another member’s damaged and discarded ride-on mower to be  repaired and restored by Maleny Rural Traders  and Pancho from Conondale with all providing their labour at no cost.



Thanks to the team at Maleny Rural Traders for all the work done on the motor and the other mechanical faults.



And thanks to Panco for the repair to the aluminium skirt




Obi Obi Rural Fire brigade  04.07.13

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has approved the erection of  a shed on the Brigade land. See plans below (use your back button to return to this post, or open in another tab or window).

APPROVED Proposal Plans

APPROVED Decision Notice

The approval allows the Brigade to now finalize arrangements with their selected builder (Unique Garages of Maleny) and subject to Council approval of an effluent plan (presently being designed by an waste water engineer), to proceed with the processes involved in building the shed.  The first step being to prepare the site by stripping the topsoil and laying roadbase to provide better vehicle access and a firm base for the laying of a concrete floor slab.


2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2012 AGM was held on the 30.05.13 with twelve people attending. At this meeing the previous year’s Management Committee members were re-elected for the 2013 year.

A special meeting followed where proposed alterations to the Association’s Model Rules were presented for discussion.

Resolution 1. Admission and rejection of members.

Clause 7 (2) states that – Any applicant who receives a majority of the votes of the members of the Management Committee present at the meeting at which such application is being considered shall be accepted as a member to the class of membership applied for.

Amend to – Any applicant who receives a majority of the votes of the members of the Management Committee present at the meeting at which such application is being considered shall be accepted as a member to the class of membership applied for, subject to ratification by the Association’s members at the next general meeting.

Resolution 2. Annual General or General Meetings.

Clause 20 (1) states that –   The annual general meeting shall be held within three months of the close of the financial year.

Amend to – The annual general meeting shall be held within six months of the close of the financial year.

The above resolutions were passed by a majority of members

The next step is to notify Fair Trading Qld to allow recording of the Model Rule Changes.

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