A fund raising event will be held at the hall this coming weekend.


This is a privately run event.


conondale hall news item 002

Taken from the Sunshine Valley Gazette of the 12th Mach 2014.


Activities of the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall’s Management Committee.

The Management Committee held a Management Committe meeting on Thursday, the 13th of February. At this meeting, it was decided that the proposed  joint  fundraising event  with the Blackall Range Motorcycle Club will be postponed until 2015. The Management Committee has completed re-insuring the Association through a new insurance broker. Total annual cost this year is $4,604.00, which will  provide insurance for damage to the hall building, public liability cover for the Association and Trustees, insurance to cover volunteers while working at the hall, and liability protection for the actions of the Committee Members of the Association.

Volunteers from the Association held a hall working bee where the hall was checked for white ants (none found), grass mowed, the fairy lights lifted higher, and finally finished with the addition of the final gate , the fence around the water tanks.

The fence is a duty of care responsibility for the Association, which was built to prevent accidental access to a potentially dangerous area.

DSC_9816cTimber and materials provided by Rodney Heading.


The Fire Brigade now officially exists.


Mounted beside the Obi Obi Rd entrance to the hall.


Last Saturday’s wedding.



It wasn’t planned but the body of the furniture hire van nicely fitted between the balustrades on the main stairs.



The start of the fire shed’s sewage waste installation.


The local excavator owner/operator provided his services at no cost.


The previous wedding.


Drawn on the hall’s blackboard.


Bats at rest in several trees at Obi Obi creek number two crossing.



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