The Association’s 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Obi Obi Hall, 7.30pm on Thursday the 17.07.2014.


On the 22nd of July at the hall, a launch party will be held for a new Mary Vally project called “Celebrate with Mary”. This locally organized  project aims to encourage people to patronize the many Mary Valley businesses involved in the celebration industry.



7.30am on a very frosty morning last Saturday the 12th of July, setting up for Stewie and Kelsey’s  outside wedding.





The Hall. Extra power points and light switches have been installed at the hall. This will supply power for the dishwasher and extraction fan in the kitchen and an extra fridge in the stage storage room. The spot lights now have a permanent power supply with a stage controlled switch.

The Fire shed. It is presently being internally lined out with plasterboard, with tiling, painting, and the completion of the plumbing and electrical work to follow.


Looking from inside the shed at the meeting and office rooms


More weddings.






Amanda Shadforth, a Sunshine Coast photographer and fashion blogger used  the inside of the hall as a backdrop for a fashion photography shoot.

obi obi hall-Oracle-Fox. collage

Photos by Amanda Shadforth




An entertaining music night was held at the hall






Singer and lead guitarist Danny Cocks





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