Koalas are alive and well on the Obi Range


Photo by J Cutmore


Both koala’s seen on Obi Obi Rd.



Second wedding in 2015




Sunshine Coast council has improved the newly constructed Staves Rd drains and  piped crossings to the hall and fire brigade car parks. The drain between the two crossings has been replaced by a piped section which includes access to take drainage from the hall’s car park.



A music sound system, $200.00, a marque (6 m x 3 m), a large water hose and reel and  a full length mirror have been donated by Association members. The mirror will  be fitted in the disabled toilet.

A donation from Clive Palmer

palmer donation1

Honouring his pledge to donate his parliamentary salary to community organisations in his electorate


There have been other additions to the hall’s equipment , the Association has bought more fold up tables making a total of sixteen, a 20 liter electric urn and a wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner




A bull from the property CRAIGLEA that surrounds the hall.







First wedding in 2015



In 2014 the hall was hired for twenty one weddings, three local birthdays and one MS fundraiser


Left at the hall after a recent wedding.


Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade held a thank you / Christmas party for the many people who contributed, equipment, time and money towards the  construction of the fire shed.DSC_1291a


Wedding 29.11.14



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