The ANZAC Centenary (from 2014 to 2018)

The 100th anniversary of Anzac Day is being remembered with the completion of a replica of the origional Obi Obi honour board. The unveiling of the origional Obi Obi honour boar occurred  at the Obi Obi hall on the 04.10.1917.

This replica will be hung at the Obi Obi hall.

Anzac day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by New Zealand and Australian forces during the First World War. On 25th of April 1915, the forces landed on Gallipoli, so this became the day on which the sacrifice of soldiers who had died in the war was remembered .


 Replica by Highly Strung of Eumundi.

Photo by Lenore Meldrum

The results of a working bee held on the 14th of March.

A gleaming kitchen and cleaner



Installation of a set of steps into the under stage storage area.





The fitting of a permanent gate in place of  the temporary entry from Stave Rd into the adjoining paddock.


The new entry


All fence materials donated.

Painting of the tank fence.



Cleaning of the floor.



Recently our resident welcome swallows had a lot of feathered friends over.



Flowering maderia vine at Obi Obi Creek number 4 crossing.



Reassurance for wedding  guests going down the range section of Obi Obi Rd.



The latest wedding




Our  Blog has been archived in PANDORA.

Reprinted below from a email sent to us from the State Library of Queensland.


Request for permission to archive: The Obi Obi Hall website

The State Library of Queensland aims to build a comprehensive collection of Queensland publications to ensure the availability of our documentary heritage both now and in the future.  State Library’s commitment to preserving the documentary heritage of our state extends to contemporary electronic resources, including online publications and websites of lasting significance.  This is achieved through our participation in PANDORA, Australia’s web archive.

PANDORA was established by the National Library of Australia in 1996 to enable the capture of and long-term access to Australian online publications.  We cooperate with the National Library in order to build and preserve a comprehensive collection of Australian online publications.  State Library’s brief is to enhance the Queensland presence in this national archive.

The Obi Obi Hall website has been selected for inclusion in the PANDORA Archive, and I would be grateful if you would let me know whether you are willing to permit us to do so.  That is, grant us licence under the Copyright Act 1968 to copy your publication into the Archive and to provide public online access to it via the Internet.  This means that you would grant the Library permission to retain your publication in the Archive and to provide public access to it in perpetuity.

See –


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