A copy of  the Obi Obi Honour board has been hung at the Obi Obi Hall.

The origional is held at the Kenilworth Museum.


See our blogroll on the right – Obi Obi Honour Board – for more information on the  men  who fought in World War One


Closed waters in freshwater areas

No fish can be taken from Obi Obi Creek all year round between the Baroon Pocket Dam wall and the shortest line across the creek at the downstream side of Obi Obi Creek crossing 4 (Manuel Hornibrook Bridge). The use and possession of any fishing equipment in this section of Obi Obi Creek is not permitted.

Why do we have closed waters?

Closed waters (regulated waters) prevent people from fishing in certain areas and these may be:

  • where a population of endangered or threatened species live
  • where fish congregate during or before spawning
  • where fish may mass or be stranded near artificial barriers and be susceptible to overfishing
  • to separate incompatible uses, for example spearfishing in a bathing area
  • to enable successful migration of fish through fishways.

From the Queensland Government – Department of Fisheries and Agriculture



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