Starting the 9th of November, the hall’s floor will be sanded, and on the following weekend coated with Tung oil.


Wedding 21.10.15



Tiaro & District Landcare Group Queensland and the University of New England Armidale N S W are conducting a two year survey of the Mary River Turtle (Elusor macrurus).

Every six months over a five day period, fish traps set in three different locations in the Mary River near Kenilworth and one location in Obi Obi Creek are monitered for turtles.

The  junction of Mary River and Obi Obi Creek opposite Kenilworth River Park, Kenilworth.


Obi Obi Creek (middle of photo) enters the Mary River running from right to left.




A fish trap in the Mary River



A Mary River turtle on the left, right a Kreffts turtle.



Collected Mary River turtles are measured, weighed and photographed.



Male Mary River turtles have a much longer tail than the females.



Identified with a tag and shell number.



Any distinguishing marks on the carapace noted.



Then released


The survey will provide information on the numbers and movements of the endangered Mary River turtle.


This is not a tadpole, it’s a 1.2 metre long Lung Fish



Wedding 17.10.15



10.10.15 –  Blackall Range Motorcycle Club members donated their time to punch the hall’s floor in preperation for sanding.



Wedding 04.10.15



Wedding 26.09.15




No fish can be taken from Obi Obi Creek all year round between the Baroon Pocket Dam wall and the shortest line across the creek at the downstream side of Obi Obi Creek crossing 4 (Manuel Hornibrook Bridge). The use and possession of any fishing equipment in this section of Obi Obi Creek is not permitted.

From the Queensland Government – Department of Fisheries and Agriculture


Moisture and campher laurel seed on the ground at the same time has resulted in a better than normal seedling strike.


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