Obi Obi Hall



  2016 Annual General Meeting

All members of the Obi Obi And Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Inc, friends of  the hall and other interested people are invited to attend our AGM at the Obi Obi Hall  856 Obi Obi Rd Obi Obi

Thursday, 8th June 2017 at 7.30pm.

For applications for new membership, contact the Secretary.


Election of the Management Committee.

Nominations for management committee positions can be made in writing, signed by        the candidate, their nominee and seconder and lodged with the Secretary. Nominations can be taken at the AGM.

For further information, please contact the Association Secretary,

Dennis Woodford on 54469154, or P O Box 276 Mapleton Qld 4560.



Wedding 06.05.2017


Obi Obi School – 1959


Obi Obi crossing number four – 1936


Palmwoods Memorial hall – History Gathering Day 28.05.2017

Palmwoods Living History Society


Taken from the Sunshine Coast Daily – 28.04.2017

SUNSHINE Coast police have issued a warning over an elaborate phone scam that has hit Australia shores after doing the rounds worldwide.

The “can you hear me?” phone scam has been prolific in the United States and UK since early this year.

A call is made to a business or home number and once the person answers the scammer simply asks “can you hear me?” several times, to which most people answer with “yes”.

The scammer then records the “yes” response and ends the call.

The recording is then used to authorize payments or charges in the victim’s name, a difficult task to dispute at a later date.

Sunshine Coast Police said anyone who had received calls of this nature had “serious and legitimate reasons to be concerned”.

“We’re now sharing this post statewide as we believe it to be hitting many areas,” police warn.

Police advice to combat this phone scam :

  • Spread the word – Share this information
  • If you receive a “can you hear me?” phone call – hang up – don’t respond!
  • If you did respond with a “yes” … alert your financial institution, begin to monitor your accounts closely .. and contact ID CARE


Obi Obi hall wedding photo taken at Obi Obi Falls lookout

Photo by – All the Love in the World Photography

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