2017 Obi Obi Hall Motorcycle Show





 9.30am Wednesday, the 6th of September at

Obi Obi Hall

Organized by Melissa

Obi Surplus Enjoyment is designed to create a space where we can share our surplus.

Everyone has things of value that they just don’t need.

Obi Obi could mean ‘plenty plenty’ and if we all bring something of value that we have too much of (eggs, oranges, clothes, plants or spare seedlings, books) then truly we shall all have plenty plenty!

The eventual aim is to remove money as the barrier to people who just wish to eat beautiful local food grown in healthy soils.

If everyone chose just one or two crops to grow, then we aren’t all going crazy trying to grow the huge variety of foods we all love. So if one person grows starfruit so well at her place and she loves to grow them… Bag of starfruit anyone? Yes please!

The last Obi Surplus Enjoyment saw people walking out with boxes of goodies and big smiles on their faces.

Bring what you have and you’ll be surprised what you get!!


First Wednesday of every month

at Obi Obi Hall




Temporary shade sails have been erected for the

Obi Obi Motorcycle show




Sunshine Coast Council has improved the entrance to Staves Road

Gone are the grid and gate making entering and leaving Staves Road  much easier.


Hoovering up confetti







 Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade conducting a hazard reduction burn on Pencil Creek Rd


Waiting for the start of our Festival of Community Hall’s Dance


Chris Staff Band


Nellie Findley



It will rain

Flooded Obi Obi Number 2 crossing

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