Wes Johnston’s birthday party

Wes Johnston, born at Frog Hollow in the Obi Obi Valley invites all valley residents to his 80th birthday and wake to be held at Obi Obi Hall, 3.00 pm on the 19.08.2018


A wedding held on the 11.08.2018


Obi Obi Rural Fire brigade participated in a hazard reduction burn near Kenilworth

An echidna was taken out of harms way


The new pathway from the parking area to the front entry


Feral pigs in the Obi Valley

Pigs were brought to Australia by the First Fleet in 1788. Today, it is estimated that Australia now has up to 24 million feral pigs. They are among Queensland’s most widespread and damaging pest animals. Feral pigs spread weeds, degrade soil and water, prey on native species, damage crops and livestock, and carry diseases.

Photo by John Cutmore using a wildlife monitoring camera

Red Foxes in the Obi Valley

Foxes (introduced in the 1830’s) have a major impact on the Australian fauna, predating on ground nesting birds, mammals and reptiles. Foxes compete with Australian native animals for food and habitat and can act as a reservoir of disease for wildlife and domestic animals. They also prey on John Cutmores  chickens.

Photo by John Cutmore


The annual test and tag of the hall’s electricial equipment

An electrician checks for damage and tests for safety every portable electricial appliance, power board and power cord. The items are then tagged with a label to confirm that it has in fact been tested, along with showing who tested it, the test date and when the next test is due


A wedding


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