The next Obi Surplus will be held Wednesday the First of August starting 9.30 am.

.Lynda Windsor



Senecio madagascariensis


An annual herb that competes with pasture and is  toxic  to livestock


Hall painting

After a thorough clean, paint preparation and extra waterproofing sealant, the hall’s external walls are now being repainted with an external wood stain


A new pathway

.A 1.2 m wide cement path will be extended around half of the hall, going from the disabled parking area to the main stairs and around to the front entrance.  The  south side of the  hall has heavy foot traffic and receives little sunlight leaving bare ground.





Fairy lights

A more robust fairy light system is being introduced to replace, as sections fail, the existing domestic wiring


A future project

There is need to control via a concrete drain the amount water that gets banked up under the side of the hall because of the raised water tank stands.  The drain will run from the gas bottles to the front of the hall and be diverted to one side



This will help keep the underneath of the hall dry which will reduce the risk of white ants who have been discovered in timber placed on the ground between the building and the tanks



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