Aquatic weeds


Dense Water Weed – Egeria densa

A native of Argentina, SE Brazil and Uruguay.

This plant has at times completely covered the bigger ponds in the upper reaches of Obi Obi Creek. Cold tolerant and fast growing in nutrient rich water. Growing from the bed of the creek, it prefers the sunny, deeper and slow flowing parts. Propagates easily from broken stem pieces.

This weed has the ability to form a dense mat below the water line, stopping light and depleting water oxygen. Aquatic life is greatly effected and native underwater plants are shaded out.

Note: Proper identification as Elgera Densa is not completely confirmed (22/08/08) as there are three similar looking species.

It is a declared noxious weed in N. S W and Western Australia.

arrowhead – Sagittaria montevidensis

A new pest that is  starting to invade the upper areas of the Obi Obi Creek. Native of America. Seeds spreading on animals, in mud and water. Forms dense mono cultures, growing from rhizome like stems.

Sagittaria generally grows in water of depths less than one metre. It grows along river and creek banks, lagoons, and in dams and wetlands.
It is an aggressive competitor and can dominate vegetation.
It blocks waterways  and has the potential to alter the ecology
and undermine biodiversity of creeks and wetlands

Prohibited in: NSW, SA, WA, Tas

1 – Home. 2 – Vines. 3 – Grasses. 4 – Herbs. 5 – Ground covers.

6 – Bulbs. 7 – Shrubs. 8 – Palms. 9 – Trees.

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