Japanese sunflower – Tithonia diversifolia (ASTERACEAE)

From Central America. Working it’s way down the up road on the range. A good example of the extent of its growth can be seen at the Dulong range part of Nambour/Mapleton Rd.

Night scented jessamine – Cestrum nocturnum

Native to North and South America.

Grows to 2 metre in a clumping stand and is resistant to frost.

It is said that all parts of the plant are highly poisonous.

Birds have learned to like the seed, which propagates easily, allowing potential for the plant to spread easily.

Giant devil’s fig – Solanum hispidum

A minor irritant, but wild tobacco is enough.

Easter cassia – Senna pendula var. glabrata

A native from South America that can grow to 3 metre tall. Well established in the valley.

1 – Home. 2 – vines. 3 – Grasses. 4 – Herbs. 5 – Ground covers.

6 – Bulbs. 8 – Palms. 9 – Trees. 10 – Aquatic plants.

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