Our Model Rules state that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within three months of the close of the financial year. Our financial year starts and ends on the 31st of December in each year.

With completion of the project expected in late April, the Management Committee has decided that it would be appropriate to delay our AGM  and hold it at the Obi Obi hall as soon as the renovation is finished.

The southern side of the hall has been the builder’s main work area with the  builder’s storage container at the rear and the hall entrance deck on the right.

At the rear of the hall, the apex of the roof.

Council regulations state: when tank water is used for drinking, leaf eaters are required to filter the water. The white power cable dangling beside the leafeater is for an external spotlight. The front southern corner of the hall.

Painting the rear of the hall with plastic down to protect the already painted disabled ramp.

Building the front stairs.

The interior of the alcove at the origional front entrance.

Preparation for the plasterboard ceiling in the kitchen .

From the deck, showing the hallway to the toilets, with the unlined rear of the stage on the right, and a window on the kitchen wall at the rear.

Looking from the kitchen towards the entry door into the hall, with the frame of the door visible on the left and the unlined rear of the stage storage room in the centre .

The start of the plumbing.

The ceiling over the kitchen and toilets.

With the new roof fitted, some old tenants returned to inspect the renovation. The welcome swallow – Hirundo neoxena. We expect that there will be a dispute over the ownership of the exposed beams in the ceiling above the front deck.

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