Obi Obi Hall opening 17.11.2012, 2.00 pm.

The Management Committee is organizing an afternoon event to celebrate the completion of the hall renovation.

Hall parking.
Access and parking on the hall property will be re-arranged.

Our local  Sunshine Coast Regional Councillors have been asked if they could help with providing all weather parking on the verges of Staves Road.

The renovation

Al Scott and friend painting the last part of the second coat of stain on the hall’s front exterior.


The bench seats after sanding and a protective coating.


The kitchen unfinished but working.


Some unfinished work

Stripping of old electricial wiring.

Enclosing the under stage storage area.

Lining of the ceilings in the stage storage areas.

Fitting of shelving in the kitchen.

Air vents to be fitted in the toilet and kitchen ceilings.

Protective fencing around the water tanks area.

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  1. Malcolm Kirby says:

    I have been following the renovation of the Obi Obi hall for about the last seven months, since i became aware of the web site, what a great community effort by all involved , from the initall council approvals to calling tenders to getting the work done and the countless hours of voluntery work by all involved ,

    I remember going to the 50 anniversary of the hall in 1963 with the work that you have done the hall should still be available in another 50 years

    Brilliant effort

    Malcolm Kirby

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