Ninety Nine Years and Moving Forward, Obi Obi Hall Reopens

The Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association are very happy to announce the reopening of the Obi Obi Hall on Saturday 17th November and to invite the community to celebrate the achievement.

The hall was built in 1913, but because of general dilapidation has not been in use since 2000. People passing by on the Obi Obi Road will have seen the transformation of the almost derelict wooden building to a sound structure, keeping the character and charm, but now providing modern amenities and meeting all requirements to operate as a public building.

It was an ambitious project, and the Association tackled it by selling its other asset, the “tin shed” Kidaman Creek Hall, and with close management of the proceeds and the generous assistance of a $50,000 grant from Sunshine Coast Regional Council, was finally able to bring this dream back to life.

The reopening celebration start at 2pm on Saturday 17th November, so please come, have a good look around, and think about the ways that you will be able to use the renewed heart of our community .

Wedding celebration? Perfect!  Medieval feast? Where better?

The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

Food and drink will be on sale, and musical entertainment will start at 4pm.  The old timber and tin from the hall will be auctioned off starting at 3 pm.  Much of the tin is branded, and in surprisingly good condition for 99 years old corrugated iron.

We would like to involve as much of our community as we can, and so invite any community group, local business or club that would like to raise their public profile by attending and displaying their services or products, to contact our secretary on 5446 9154.

To fully appreciate the transformation, a couple of links may be of interest:                  video by local band “The Rain”, before work started.              The hall’s official blog, showing progress.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Steve Walker,

President, Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association Inc.


Earth works at the hall by Range Earthmoving.

The new parking area.

Access to parking still from Staves Rd but from behind the hall.


One hundred mm of top soil in the new parking area was removed to the front of the hall and the roadbase from the temporary builders access road to the hall was moved to the new parking area, then compacted and rolled.

Digging out the topsoil.


Compacting and rolling the roadbase in the parking area.


The front of the hall without the builder’s access road and piles of roadbase.


Bernie and Leslie Porter at the end of a good day’s work. They provided their services at cost only.


 The last of the Certifier’s requirements.

Highly visible edging on the main stars for the visually impaired.

And fire fighting equipment in the kitchen.



With  Builder Murray Peterson’s part of the renovation completed, the Management Committee and Murray  carried out a defect inspection of the work carried out, with  some minor problems detected.

Extra disabled signage was required by the Certifier


The under stage storage area

Using some of the old roofing iron to complete the walls, the under stage storage area has been made usable. This work was completed by the Building Committee.

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