To reduce the temperature inside the hall on hot days, a sprinkler has been fitted on top of the center roof vent. This will allow water to be sprinkled onto the exterior of the roof reducing it’s temperature through evaporation. Most of the water used will be returned via the gutters back to the tanks, with approx 20% lost to evaporation.

Roof vents plus sprinkler, as yet un-tested, with a fixed connection to the water reticulation system to follow.


Fitting the vents, showing the safety equipment used by the plumber.

Skate board shoes are often used when working on roofs, these shoes have a herringbone or waffle pattern on the sole which improves the grip.


The roof vent with sprinkler. To be fitted at the centre of the roof ridge.


Mesh has been added to prevent the entry of vermin.

Water piping fitted up the center of the vent and offset to allow for the roof ridge timber frame.


Fitting the sprinkler plumbing.

Al Scott (Building Committee) at work.

The cradle to support the awkward shape of the roof vent and prevent scratching .


The hall now has a stove. A reconditioned stove with a gas top and electric oven has been donated to the hall.

To be fitted at a later date.

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  1. janet robinson says:

    looks great guys well done can’t wait to party there

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